About us

Welcome to Canadian Export and Import Co. Richie88 has established 2013 as export and import between Canada, Indochina and Thailand.
Most of our product is coffee beans. Our company in Laos exports Lao coffee beans to China, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia.
We would like to introduce Lao coffee beans to North America.
At this moment we bring some coffee beans around the world to Laos for mixing them with Lao coffee beans. The mixing coffee beans after roasted them together has introduced a new coffee taste.

My goal is to work with Lao farmers to keep producing organic coffee.

Lao Coffee Beans Process:
We only use wet process instead of dry process for our coffee beans. Coffee cherries are cracked and peeled. The beans with mucilage will then be fermented in the fermentation pool. The chemical reaction in this fermentation process will decay the mucilage then rinse out the remaining mucilage to clean the beans, this wet process reduces risk of rotten coffee occurred in the dry process. However rinsing in this wet process will wash away taste and sweetness of coffee.